Nick 90s Phunny Collectible Plush Figure - Chuckie

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Have you ever faced your fears and thought "maybe this isn't such a good idea?" Chuckie Finster definitely faced many fears and no matter how scared he is, with his friends by his side he always overcomes! The Rugrats crews Chuckie is a loyal friend through and through and now its time for Tommy to move aside and let Chuckie be friends with you. Kidrobot and Nickelodeon have teamed up to bring to life Nick 90's cartoons with the Kidrobot x Nick 90's Collection including this plushie version of your favorite sensitive Rugrat, Chuckie Finster. This high quality Chuckie Rugrats plush stuffed toy sits 8 inches tall and will take you back to the 90's for some much needed nostalgia!