Marvel Select - Arachne Action Figure

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Omega Flight Arachne measures 7" tall, and is accompanied by a staircase diorama complete with a trio of HYDRA operatives. Arachne is a repaint of Marvel Select Spider-Woman, and features articulation at the shoulders, wrists, hips and ankles. Arachnes sleek black costume is decorated with a large white-silhouetted spider with protracted appendages that travel the length of her extremities. Capable of clinging to vertical surfaces, Arachne is imbued with heightened strength, reflexes and agility; her psionically-based power allows her to generate psi-webbing. After being revealed to have secretly worked to undermine the Superhuman Registration Act, and in order to offset pending charges against her, Arachne joined the superhero manifestation of Omega Flight; subsequent to a battle against the Wrecking Crew, Arachne elected to remain a part of the team.