Kidrobot - DC Universe - Labbit Batman 2.5" Vinyl Mini Figure

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Labbit, which was created by Frank Kozik and has been a special brand of Kidrobot since 2003, now comes to you with this 6 cm special Batman type. Created by Pop Art artist Frank Kozik, Labbit is actually a smoking, unshaven rabbit. Labbits, which first appeared in Kozik's rock poster art in the 90s, have been meeting with the Kidrobot brand since 2003 and presented to collectors as designer toys. One of the most popular characters in the DC universe, Batman's Labbit version comes to us with the food bag Alfred prepared for him. This masked Labbit has vowed to rid the streets of crime. Complete your collection by collecting Superman, Bane, Cyborg, Red Hood and Green Lantern Labbits from the same series. DC Universe Labbit Batman is 6.5 cm tall.