Hiya Toys GODZILLA VS KONG Kong 10" PVC statue Stylist Series

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Hiya Toys ได้ประกาศรูปปั้นขนาดใหม่ทั้งหมดที่มีต้นแบบมาจาก Godzilla vs Kong คองยืนสูงกว่า 10 นิ้ว (บนแท่นตั้งโชว์)

Hiya Toys has announced all-new, smaller scale statues, based on Godzilla vs Kong. Their first two statues, naturally, are both Godzilla and King Kong. These are part of their new Stylist Series of non-articulated “figures”. Godzilla stands over 7.5″ tall, while the Kong stands over 10″ tall (on its display stand). The individual listings for these state that they will only be available in China, so fans will have to look for a retailer willing to ship these outside of mainland China. They are due out in June 2022. Read on for additional details and the new photos.