Harbinger Dunny By Martin Ontiveros Blue

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Spears in hand & a message of premonition, these Harbinger Dunnys have a supernatural power to sense death and destruction. Hear their warnings... 💀 Get these messengers today before it's too late. The Harbinger Dunny comes in this Glow in th Dark Blue Edition available only on Kidrobot.com (limited to 350 pieces) and the Blue Edition!

Looming over at 8” tall, the Harbinger Dunny appears before the city gates at dusk and demands an audience, a messenger promising doom and destruction that will soon come upon them. The city elders, worried and desperate, allow the Harbinger entry and offer him shelter for the evening—perhaps this gesture of goodwill would persuade the messenger to return and report on them favorably? Perhaps it would foster mercy and stem the bloodlust of an approaching horde? The answer is no, for you see, there is no horde coming—the Harbinger IS the doom and destruction himself. At the stroke of midnight, heads are shorn clean and hearts are pierced through with his spear, towers collapse, and burn by the light of his cursed gemstone. No quarter is given, none left alive by dawn's arrival. The Harbinger has kept his promise and comes to your collection today.