DC Universe - Mez-itz Mini Figures Blindbox

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Mez-itz DC Universe 2 inch Blind Box Assortment

Mezco’s ever expanding exploration into the DC Universe continues with the exciting edition of mystery Blind Box Figures. Each PDQ contains six characters from the DC Universe with 10 unique designs; each Mez-itz has a specific rarity scale with a super rare chase figure.

The first assortment includes:

Aquaman 10%
Batman 14%
Green Lantern 13%
Superman 13%
Wonder Woman 11%
Harley Quinn 14%
Harley Quinn Variant 7%
Green Lantern Variant 8%
Superman Variant 01 10%
Superman Variant 02 1%

These figures are individually blind-boxed, which means you'll be totally surprised by what you get! Blind-boxed figures come in sealed foil bags, without any clue as to which of the series is inside. The surprise stays secret until you open the box.