DC Comics - Super Villains - Johnny Quick and Atomica Action Figure

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Johnny Quick is a hybrid counterpart to the Flash and Johnny Quick. All versions of Johnny Quick include a modified or streamlined helmet intended to match the speed of the Flash. In the Earth-2 graphic novel Johnny Quick eventually is even worn down to a barely coherent state and uses Speed Juice injections to regain his power. In the limited series Syndicate Rules, during a battle against Lady Sonar, on of the Syndicate’s few remaining opponents, Johnny Quick is targeted with a heightened vibration rate which dislodges him from reality altogether; when he later reappears at the Crime Syndicate headquarters he is horror-stricken, revealing that he traveled a year in the future only to discover that the universe has been destroyed and that there is no future, foreshadowing the assault of the Qwardians and their monstrous weapon, the Void Hound.