DC Comics - New 52 Earth 2 - Thomas Wayne Action Figure

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When DC Comics rebooted its continuity in 2011 dubbed "The New 52," in this revised fictional history, the Earth-2 Batman is now Thomas Wayne, father to Bruce Wayne. Wayne, a corrupt doctor, worked for the Mafia in Gotham City until he fakes his own death, deceiving his son about whether he survived. The original Batman (Bruce Wayne) discovers his father's actions and disassociates himself with Thomas. Following Bruce Wayne's death, Thomas Wayne is inspired by his son and becomes the second Batman of Earth 2. As Batman, Thomas Wayne uses Hourman's Miraclo pills for enhanced strength and endurance.

"It was only after Bruce died that I realized what I could do for him. Honor him. Honor what he stood for. Take up the mantle of the bat. The mantle of my son. Atone for my sins by helping the world. By becoming something better than Thomas Wayne ever was. By becoming Batman. -- Thomas Wayne from Earth 2 Annual #1.