Bright Red-Blue Good For Nothing Dunny By 64

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A Daydreamer, ne’er-do-well, lazy, irresponsible, loafer, maker of nothing, doer of little... a floater, and that’s okay with me. I’m just having a good time at my own pace that’s all. Life’s too short with both good luck and bad. Too much pressure and expectations for sure. So I’ll roll like a tumbleweed... taking my sweet time keeping my stress level low rolling on slow. Relax and join me if you wish and be totally carefree.

I may be Good 4 Nothing to some but, what I’m doing may be Good 4 Me.

The Good 4 Nothing 8" Dunny Art Figure by 64 Colors comes in this OG Good 4 Nothing Dunny design, limited to 800 pieces worldwide and a Exclusive Vintage Red and Blue version, limited to 200 pieces worldwide.